Deciphering Sonar Charts

How to interpret your fish finder

Here is a link to a excellent article on how to decipher the images you see on your sonar.  Courtesy of Hightech Fishing – Doctor Sonar – “Doc” Bruce Samson.  It goes into great detail on how to interpret what you are “seeing” on your depth finder.  The screen shots that “DOC” provides were captured were from a LOWRANCE Sonar Unit.  “DOC” Samson has many great tips on his website, you should check it out!

Deciphering Sonar Charts

“Doc” Samson’s Website


Deciphering Sonar Charts — 4 Comments

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  2. I’m not thinking when running my boat even at a low speed that i’m really seeing whats under the boat at that time …does the unit have momory and takes a little time to catch up when I stop and then see whats under me ?

    • If your chart speed is set to hi, then at slower speed, what you are seeing is right under your boat. With a slow chart speed your graph will be a litte “behind”.

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