Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report – 8-24-2017

Lake Lanier Fishing Report

August 24th 2017

Striper fishing is good. We caught fish last week with live bait, Umbrella rigs and Lead Core line. There is an abundance of bait in the lake this year and the fish are picky and can be difficult to get to bite. We have been experimenting with 8 and 10 pound test leaders and longer leaders up to 12 – 15 feet. While we have not concluded we are getting any extra bites with the lighter and longer leaders we are experiencing more line breaks and more fish getting into the trees; especially the big fish. Having your drag set correctly is critical when using 8 and 10 pound test leader. Also, with the lake down 5.5 feet expect to get into the trees when you loosen the drag to accommodate the lighter line. We recommend you use 12 pound test leaders 6 to 8 feet in length. If you want to experiment tie up a down rod or two with lighter line and longer leaders and compare success rates. If the bait bite slows we are switching to trolling Umbrella rigs and targeting main lake and creek mouth pockets. The Umbrella rig worked well this past week fishing areas like pockets that require a lot of turns versus lead core line that is 280 feet behind the boat which makes quick turns difficult.  We are using “heavy” Umbrella rigs consisting of a 3 ounce frame and 9 one ounce Captain Mack’s chipmunk jigs with white or chartreuse 4 inch shad bodies.  Set the Umbrella rigs 130 – 150 feet back and trolling at a speed of 2.8 to 3.2 MPH. The Lead Core bite in lake and creek channels has slowed some this week. Orr Creek, Two Mile Creek, Six Mile Creek, Shoal Creek and Big Creek are all good places to start your day. The water temperature is mid-80s. The water is stained in the backs of the creeks and clear on the main lake. The lake is 5.6 feet below full pool.

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