Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report – 9-07-2017

Lake Lanier Fishing Report

September 7th 2017

Striper fishing continues to be very good. All of the typical summer time techniques continue to work; down rods with Blueback Herring, trolling with Umbrella Rigs and lead core line. We have seen some fish surfacing early in the morning this week. They are not staying up long and will spook if you approach with the big motor. Move to these surfacing fish with the trolling motor. Cast a ½ ounce buck tail jig with a small pearl shad body and vary your retrieval speed. Deploy a free line Herring in addition to your down rods and search the area. If you are over fish but cannot get them to bite try the following. 1. Space your baits throughout the water column from the bottom to 35 feet. 2. Power reel a Ben Parker spoon with baits deployed. 3. When you see the fish coming up off the bottom to look at your bait, reel your bait up 5 – 10 feet to get extra bait movement as the fish approach’s your bait. 4. Troll down rods at .4 mph and use your jack rabbit to accelerate and deaccelerate to get a reaction bite. Change bait often every 5 minutes. We have been doing a lot of trolling this year using our newly installed Lowrance Outboard Autopilot. The autopilot gives you the ability to have the boat steer itself to a predetermined location (waypoint), a route you set up or simply go straight based on current heading. All this is done with a tap of your Lowrance screen. You can also change heading, make turns and set up zig zag patterns to a location. If you like to troll this is a “must have” tool. In addition we have “troll mode” on our Suzuki outboard engine which allows you to increase or decrease our outboard speed by 50 RPM with the push of a button. This allows you to set and change your RPM speed without moving the throttle handle. Check with your Suzuki dealer for available of Troll Mode. Our Umbrella rigs consists of a 3 ounce frame and 9 one ounce Captain Mack’s chipmunk jigs with white or chartreuse 4 inch shad bodies. Set the Umbrella rigs 130 – 150 feet back and trolling at a speed of 2.8 to 3.2 MPH. We also focused on main lake and creek channels with lead core line with a one ounce Captain Mack’s buck tail jig. Set your lead core line at 8 – 9 colors and troll at 3.0 to 3.8 MPH. Orr Creek, Two Mile Creek, Six Mile Creek, Shoal Creek, Big Creek and the river channel from Flat creek to the Dam are all good places to start your day. The water temperature is in the low 80s. The water is stained in the backs of the creeks and clear on the main lake. The lake is 5.6 feet below full pool.  

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