Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report 11-16 – 2018

Lake Lanier Fishing Report

January 11th 2018


 Striper fishing is fair. An arctic cold front is due this week end bringing extreme cold temperatures; again! Pay attention to the wind and dress warm. Most of the fish have moved into the creeks. The critical tools for finding Stripers in January and February are the Double B’s (birds and bait). Not every creek will be holding Stripers but if you locate the creeks with bait and birds the Stripers will be there. Check out the creeks for bait and keep your eyes on the water in search of actively feeding Sea Gulls and Loons. Keep in mind that the shallow water flats on the sunny side of the creeks will heat up during the day and attract bait fish. Pulling baits on these “sunny” flats can be very productive. The “go to” technique during the winter months is pulling live bait on free lines and planner boards. Herring, Gizzard Shad and small Trout are all good baits but do not hesitate to downsize to medium shiners if you see signs the fish are feeding on small Thread Fin Shad. Set your trolling motor speed between .3 to 1.0 mile per hour. Vary the distance of your baits behind the boat/boards and the weight on your free lines to cover a variety of water depths. We use split shots to weight some of our free lines. When you find the best distance, weight and speed replicate those settings to the majority of your lines.  Also, try to keep someone on the front deck casting a Captain Mack’s 1/2 ounce buck tail jig with a fluke.  As always, the winter time “go to creeks” are Flat Creek, Four Mile Creek and Balus Creek. However, the creeks with high concentration of bait will hold fish. The water temperature is in the mid to high 40’s and the lake is 5 feet below full pool. The water is clear on the main Lake and lightly stained in the creeks.

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