Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report 3-29-2018

Lake Lanier Fishing Report

March 29th 2018

Striper fishing is good. The weather and the fishing has picked up and this week. The lake is full and the fish are on the move. The bite continues to favor the smaller medium Shiners but take both Herring and Shiners as the bite can and probably will change to the larger baits. Fish free lines and planner boards shallow with the bank side planner board set at 20 feet behind the board, freelines lines at 70 to 100 feet behind the boat and the deep-water boards at 50 to 80 feet behind the boards. Use split shots on some of the lines to ensure depth coverage. We are using a 5-foot 15lb. test fluorocarbon leader on all of our lines. Keep your trolling motor speed between .6 and 1.0 miles per hour. Expect the bite to slow when the sun gets up on those blue bird sky days, move to deeper water, slow your presentation and deploy a couple of down rods in addition to you free lines. Also, keep someone on the front deck casting a Captain Mack’s 1/2 ounce buck tail jig with a fluke. The South end of the lake continues to out fish the North end but we have had some reports of the North end of the lake starting to produce. The water is clear on the main lake and stained in the back of the creeks.  The lake level is at full pool.

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