Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report 3-7-2018

Lake Lanier Fishing Report

March 7th 2018

Striper fishing is fair and improving. The key has been the birds. Check open water in creek mouths from Browns Bridge to the Dam and look for feeding Sea Gulls. The Gulls will be feeding on bait fish pushed up by Loons or Stripers or both. The Stripers are moving and you will not always be able to mark the fish. We recommend you fish the general area of feeding fish and do not spend a lot of time trying to mark the fish or chasing them from one place to another. Fish these areas by deploying both Blueback Herring and medium shiners on weighted and unweighted free lines and planner boards. Set your free lines at 70 to 120 feet back and troll between .4 and 1.2 MPH. in fair. In addition, deploy a couple of down rods with 1 or 2 ounce weights and set them at 20 to 40 feet down.  Also, try to keep someone on the front deck casting a Captain Mack’s 1/2 ounce buck tail jig with a fluke. We have not been pulling umbrella rigs but there no reason they would not work. As the back of the creeks clear look for the Stripers to move into the back of the creeks and the open water bite to slow. The North end of the lake should also pick up in the next couple of weeks. Set your rigs at 40 to 60 feet behind the boat and pull at 3.0 MPH. The South end of the lake is your best bet. Flat Creek, Four Mile Creek, Big Creek, and Shoal Creek are good places to start your search. The water is clear on the main lake and heavily stained in the back of the creeks.  The lake level is at full pool. 

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