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Our goal of our TROPHY STRIPER FISHING CHARTERS is to guide you to a fish of a lifetime.  We do this by fishing giant live baits in the proper areas during the correct times of year.  Trophy Striper Fishing Charter trips are often very slow fishing, hours without a bite and then bam, a 30lb class fish explodes on bait and it’s ON! That might be the only bite of the day.  There are days when we do not get a bite, hence the format of our trophy fishing charter trip rate structure.  We will not give up on the big fish hunt part way thru a fish charter, so that you can catch a fish, any fish.  We are after big stripers, period.  These are called TROPHY STRIPER  FISHING CHARTERS.

Each trophy striper fishing charter trip is individually planned, taking in to account the anglers wishes, season, water temperature, water clarity and activity levels of the fish, making each striper fishing charter unique and exciting. Various techniques such as down rods, flat lines, planer boards and cut bait are used, again depending on season and water conditions.

We fish where the Monster STRIPERS are biting, this often means a 3 to 5 hour drive from the Atlanta, Georgia metro area to the striper fishing grounds, especially in the warmer water months of June thru October.

Other fishermen might laugh at the size of our landing net, our 10/0 hooks or the size of our bait dip net, but we KNOW when your trying to boat that big one you NEED big equipment.

Trophy Striper Fishing Charters are typically all day, dawn to dusk trips, for either 2 or 3 people, depending on where the fishing guide trip is going to take place.  Some trips, we leave the water for lunch, while on others we will have lunch on the shore.  You might even be lucky enough to have two experienced captains on a trophy trip, as we often fish in the swift current and difficult conditions that trophies crave.

We STRONGLY promote catch and release and would greatly prefer to take the measurements of your fish, along with pictures, then to harvest it.  We will email you the pictures and measurements so that you can get a replica mount made, by Great Fish Reproduction Studio’s or Fish Mounts by Atlantic Taxidermy. These big fish are often over 13 years old and are NOT an easily renewable resource.  Since we may boat multiple 30+ pound fish per trip, real damage could be done to a fishery if the fish were kept.  Also remember that if you want to catch a 45lb fish you need to let the 35’s go so they can  grow!  As a friends says “Let’em Grow, Let’em Go!”.

Our preference is to book our TROPHY STRIPER FISHING CHARTERS during the week, when lakes are not crowded and these wary fish are less likely to be “spooked”.

Our gear is top of the line and very well maintained to ensure that you’ll land that trophy, once hooked!

Our TROPHY STRIPER FISHING CHARTER trips are custom tailored just for you and the rate structure is determined by the trips location, length and success rate of catching stripers over 15lbs.

As you can see this is a results oriented fee structure unique in the fishing guide business.  It also means that we are going for BIG fish, not for numbers of fish.  If you want to go out and catch numbers of Stripers & Spotted bass, then a TROPHY STRIPER FISHING CHARTER is not for you.  It is also our guarantee to work hard for you.  After all this is a business and we do want to EARN our fee.

All TROPHY STRIPER FISHING CHARTERS rates are per trip, and there is a limit of 3 anglers per charter.